Workday Rising: Join Us to Explore How the Future Works

At Workday Rising September 26-29, we’ll gather as a community to guide business transformation in this next productivity frontier. Learn more from Workday Chief Marketing Officer Emma Chalwin.

As chief marketing officer at Workday, it’s my mission to care for our customers through the challenges they face, as we all learn to navigate this new world of work. Within my own discipline, rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have been disruptive and, at the same time, have given us incredible insights, significant productivity gains, and unique challenges as we embrace their power and reach. I’ve also learned that data alone can’t substitute the human touch, as we build relationships and personalized messages with a blend of art, science, creativity, and data.

All of us at Workday believe in responsible AI, understanding that in order to maximize the potential of AI and ML, they must be trustworthy and augment humans, not displace them. This is why it’s so important to gather at events like Workday Rising, where we’ll spend four days together discussing how we navigate through the uncertainty and maintain the art and science of our businesses, while sharing ideas and key learnings. Workday has more than 65 million users under contract on our platform, and this continuous growth benefits us all. Workday customers are part of a vibrant community that innovates, problem solves, and collaborates to write the playbook for how the future works. 

As your trusted partner in this journey, we’re focused on achieving business outcomes and creating differentiated employee experiences that drive productivity. Workday is leading the revolution for generative AI for the enterprise, already delivering tangible benefits to our customers across many industries and within the functions of human resources, planning, and finance. Our ML is built into the platform—and has been for over a decade. This allows us to rapidly deliver and sustain new ML models that can solve hundreds of business problems. This is why Workday customers confidently lean on us to help guide and drive transformation across the enterprise.

At Workday Rising, our Innovation Keynote is centered around this very topic, and we’re excited to share demos that provide a sneak peek into what the future looks like with generative AI and the impact our innovation has on the daily work of our customer and partner community.

Workmates welcoming our customer community to Workday Rising in 2022.

Whether you’re joining us virtually or in person, we’ve assembled our top executives, over 600 speakers, and more than 400 sessions to fuel your exploration and learning, along with 150 partners and exhibitors to help problem-solve and navigate next steps. We’ve also invited some inspirational and innovative influencers to share their perspectives: James Cameron, Academy Award-winning filmmaker, explorer, and CEO of Lightstorm Entertainment; Adena Friedman, Nasdaq Chair and CEO; and Sunny Bedi, CIO at Snowflake.

How the future works is entirely up to all of us. And we are ready to help you quickly adapt and lead through this change. Together, we can boldly face this new frontier with eyes wide open—knowing it will significantly transform how we work, provide us with tremendous workforce potential, and leave us managing the weight of risk and responsibility. 

Do you share my curiosity for all these things and more? Hope to see you in community with other forward-thinkers at Workday Rising!

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