AI Horizons Video: Strategies for Building Trust in the Workplace

In this premiere episode of AI Horizons, learn from two leading experts about how organizations can lead with integrity while implementing cutting-edge technologies—fostering collaboration and creating a culture that champions transparency and trust for informed decision-making.

Kathy Pham and Nancy Gibbs sitting at a table together with podcast microphones.

With the integration of AI into our daily lives causing both excitement and concern, the importance of establishing a foundation of trust is vital. The Workday 2024 Global Study: Closing the AI Trust Gap underscores this sentiment in the workplace, revealing that some employees harbor concerns over the responsible implementation of AI within their organization. It’s clear: navigating the future of work is as much about the technology we adopt as it is about the culture of trust we cultivate.

In this episode of AI Horizons, Kathy Pham, Workday vice president of artificial intelligence, sits down with Nancy Gibbs, a renowned professional whose career highlights include steering TIME magazine into the digital age; interviewing five U.S. presidents; and now, inspiring the next generation at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Public Policy, and Politics. 

The two explore pivotal questions: How can leaders foster a culture of trust and transparency, especially when integrating new technologies such as AI? What role does curiosity play in promoting understanding and collaboration amidst diverse viewpoints? And, perhaps most compellingly, how can leaders foster a workplace rooted in informed decision-making and mutual respect?

Watch the episode below to learn more about the intricacies of trust in the age of AI, and how business leaders can build a transparent, collaborative, and trust-driven workplace.


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