Workday DevCon 2024: Empowering the Workday Developer Ecosystem

Discover what the future has in store for innovative application development at Workday DevCon 2024—a place where Workday technology meets real-world applications. Get an inside look into endless possibilities that await at this year’s developer conference.

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It’s no secret that digital transformation is a lifeline for businesses striving to stay ahead. And for developers, it's a journey filled with endless possibilities. This is the heart of Workday DevCon—a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the limitless potential of building on Workday.

DevCon isn’t just about understanding the tools, it's about envisioning what's possible with them. I'm thrilled to announce our fourth annual Workday developer conference, happening from June 3-6 at The Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. Workday DevCon isn't your typical tech event—it's a developer’s playground where creativity meets capability, enabling our customers and partners to help us shape the future of work.

This event brings together the brightest minds in the Workday community —including developers, engineers, integration consultants, IT leaders, architects, project leaders, data scientists, and more—to learn and get hands on-experience with pre-release Workday technology. Attendees will have the opportunity to deep dive into tools like Workday Extend, Workday Integration Cloud, Workday Adaptive Planning, and Workday Prism Analytics to create solutions that drive impact and innovation.

Workday DevCon isn't your typical tech event—it's a developer’s playground where creativity meets capability, enabling our customers and partners to help us shape the future of work.

Join us in-person or digitally at Workday DevCon, June 3-6, 2024.


Here's what to expect at Workday DevCon 2024:

  • Collaborating with a community of experts: DevCon is your chance to tap into the collective wisdom of the Workday community. Connect with platform experts, exchange best practices, and network with peers who share your passion for innovation. 

  • Maximizing ability to solve problems at speed: In today's dynamic landscape, agility is everything. Explore quick and effective problem-solving strategies, expand your skill sets, and accelerate your journey from concept to solution. With pre-conference training and expanded hands-on labs, you'll be equipped to tackle any challenge head-on.

  • Getting down and dirty with technology: Join the excitement of our 24-hour hackathon—a place where ideas come to life. Collaborate with teams, experiment with unreleased technology, and engage with experts. Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase real-world solutions and win cool prizes along the way!

  • Pushing boundaries with AI: Dive into the forefront of technological advancement with AI and machine learning (ML). Discover how to leverage these technologies to build enterprise solutions within the Workday platform to help organizations manage their people and money. Workday AI leaders will share how to integrate AI into daily work to increase productivity and boost skills. 

  • Innovating with our ecosystem of partners: In our commitment to innovation, we actively foster an extensive ecosystem of partners to provide our customers with a comprehensive catalog of services. Explore the latest partner technology and discover first-hand how our partners are building on Workday. 

Choose Your Own Adventure

Whether you're with us in person or virtually, our aim is to provide the most engaging developer experience possible. In addition to the on-site activities I mentioned earlier, we're also dedicated to creating a broadcast experience that immerses our virtual attendees in the heart of the action, regardless of their location.

Together, we can push the boundaries, inspire new solutions, and maximize the full potential of Workday investments. Are you ready to move forever forward? Register for DevCon today.

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