How to Deploy Workday Mobile Apps in Your Organization

Did you know Workday's mobile apps are free to customers? Emily McEvilly, senior vice president of services at Workday, shares customers’ stories about why they love Workday for Mobile—and why you will, too.

If you’re a Workday customer, some of your employees may already be using our Workday for Mobile applications. But if you haven’t yet gone mobile with Workday, you may be interested in hearing some of the “Aha!” moments other customers have shared with us.

One CHRO told us about how he downloaded Workday for iPhone yet hadn’t really explored it. Then one day, while walking from one meeting to the next, he realized he could approve two vacation requests midstride. Now he uses the mobile app for multiple tasks.

Another manager told us she became a Workday mobile app convert after she was able to review resumes for an open position and submit an expense report (complete with receipts) while on a morning train ride to work.

And one of our favorite stories comes from a Workday consultant who went to lunch at a global restaurant chain wearing a jacket with the Workday logo on the front. The twentysomething employee who took his order said, “You work for Workday? I love your mobile app!”

In today’s digital, fast-paced world, people expect mobile capabilities in all areas of their lives. They use mobile apps to watch their favorite shows, keep up with social media, and do their shopping and banking. Why shouldn’t they have enterprise apps that help them get work done more quickly and efficiently?

What You Should Know About Workday for Mobile

We offer three different mobile apps—Workday for Android, Workday for iPad, and Workday for iPhone—and they’re all free to Workday customers. The teams who design these apps are driven by the philosophy that our customers want delightful, consumer-like experiences that leverage the best of each device’s mobile OS. In fact, we believe that in many instances Workday mobile applications are the best choice for everyday Workday users.

Employees can access learning content, enter time, request time off, check pay slips, give feedback, and search for other coworkers and teams. Managers and executives can approve requests and transactions, handle recruiting tasks, complete performance reviews, initiate job changes, and have complete access to financial scorecards and other dashboards, KPIs, and worksheets.

In today’s digital, fast-paced world, people expect mobile capabilities in all areas of their lives.

Here are some other important things to know about our mobile apps:

The Workday “Power of One” includes mobile. We know data security is often top of mind when it comes to mobile, and from the beginning mobile apps have been part of the Workday one cloud, one security model. Everything you use in Workday is accessed through just one application on your mobile device. There is no separate infrastructure for mobile apps, and the same application configuration for Workday on the browser applies to mobile. Business data is never cached or stored on mobile devices. Options for users to access Workday include fingerprint and PIN authentication, and we encourage multifactor authentication from any type of mobile or PC device.

Configuration is simple. With the exception of a few mobile-specific capabilities and controls, such as push notifications and PIN/fingerprint authentication, no additional configuration is needed to bring Workday mobile apps live. Simply enable the domains.

Updates are automatic. For each of our mobile apps, there is a single point of distribution: the Google Play Store for Workday for Android, and the App Store for Workday for iPhone and Workday for iPad. Just like on the desktop, users get new features and any critical updates immediately on their mobile devices.

Interested? Your Workday customer success manager can help get you any information you need on deploying Workday mobile applications. In addition, Workday employees and customers have shared a considerable amount of information and tips in Workday Community (registration required), including the simplicity of configuring mobile apps, presentations from customers on why they love mobile, and more. We look forward to hearing more about what our customers can do while on the go with Workday for Mobile.

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