Throughout 2021, we’ve heard many inspiring stories across our Workday community about employees, leaders, customers, and partners. People and teams have graciously shared their learnings on how we can take better care of one another, move with greater agility when hit with the unexpected, and prepare our organizations for a successful future. 

We’ve captured hundreds of these stories at the Workday Blog, making it very tough to choose our favorite articles of the year! Read on to discover our picks for top 10 Workday Blog articles of 2021:

What Your Employees Need: Supporting Caregivers in 2020

The pandemic has required many employees to juggle online meetings with their roles as caregivers. Are businesses providing the support caregivers need? Our global report, leveraging data from Workday Peakon Employee Voice, revealed how employee expectations have evolved.

A Generational Shift: The CFO’s Role in Redefining the Future of Work

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has risen to the top of the priority list for company executives everywhere. Increasingly, it’s the CFO who’s leading the effort. Finance leaders from Accenture, Cisco, Toyota North America, and Workday shared insights on how they’re thinking about the future of work, including ESG efforts and building stronger relationships with employees.

“We’re your partner in growth—growth for your company, your people, and your reputation. Let’s grow together this year.”

Aneel Bhusri Co-Founder, Co-Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman Workday

How Continuous Recalibration Helps Your Business Avoid the Acceleration Gap

The pace of business is even faster now as companies plan for life after the pandemic. What's trending today becomes tomorrow’s disruption—and tomorrow’s disruption will eventually define a new way of working. Enter continuous calibration—the way of the future for business and financial planning.

How Leading With Empathy Supports People With Disabilities

A healthy and supportive culture requires that employees have a voice, and are able to build communities of shared interests while also serving as allies. Members of our People With Disabilities Employee Belonging Council discussed their diverse community, the unique challenges of caring for someone with a disability, and the support they get from each other.

Why Both Technology and Soft Skills Are Now Crucial for CFOs

The evolving role of the CFO means that rising finance leaders must now be fluent in technology and human relationships. Read what CFOs from Levi Strauss & Co., R/GA, Southwest Airlines, and WWE shared with us on this topic.

What Is an ERP System, and Why Workday Is Different

In today’s world, CIOs must think beyond a “lift and shift” of their current ERP system to the cloud. Instead, they must uplift and re-shift their systems and processes to align with achieving business goals in the digital age. In this article, we explained why Workday, as an enterprise management cloud solution, is different.

Workday Innovation Outlook: Aneel Bhusri on How We’re Helping Customers Emerge Stronger

At Workday’s Conversations for a Changing World digital event in September, Aneel Bhusri, our co-founder, co-CEO, and chairman, shared insights on our  product innovation, how we’re empowering customers, and how we’re helping organizations develop paths for growth.

Why Partnering With Diverse Suppliers Is a Win-Win for the Enterprise

Procurement teams have an opportunity to meaningfully contribute to their companies’ diversity and inclusion goals by consciously partnering with diverse businesses, defined as any company that is majority owned by persons identifying with underrepresented groups.

Take 5 With Chano Fernandez: Finding Rhythm in Disruption

Chano Fernandez took on the role of co-CEO at Workday in 2020—a year marked by disruption and uncertainty. We sat down with him one year later, and he offered his take on the importance of nurturing company culture, inspiring a brighter work day for all, and how Latin ballroom dancing influences his moves as a co-CEO.

Where Is HR Headed in 2022? What 4 Workforce Trends Reveal

It’s almost 2022. What does the future hold for HR? Stacey Harris, chief research officer and managing partner at Sapient Insights Group, revealed how workforce trends are shaping strategic priorities for human resources professionals.

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