Celebrating Innovators in Our Healthcare Community

Join us in celebrating this year’s Healthcare Innovation Award winners. We honor recipients for embracing digital transformation and influencing innovation at Workday and across the healthcare industry.

Across the healthcare industry, organizations have adapted to a rapidly changing environment. While the need for digital transformation was trending before the pandemic, organizations have become more pressed to evolve and innovate to stay competitive. Supply chain challenges, widespread clinical provider burnout, a talent shortage, and the need for virtual work capabilities have only magnified the need for healthcare organizations to innovate. We celebrate customers who have taken on the challenges and are working to move their organizations forward in new ways to manage uncertainty and prepare for the future. 

Annually, we give special recognition to healthcare organizations who embrace innovation and work to advance, enhance, and influence the healthcare industry. The Workday Healthcare Innovation Awards recognize customers who are collaborators and innovators and who use Workday to transform their organizations and improve the healthcare industry. Below we recognize award winners in four categories: collaboration champion, digital transformation, process innovation, and trailblazer.

Collaboration Champion Award: Recognizes customers who promote the exchange of ideas, share solutions, and help build a more engaged customer community.

Enabling Collaboration Discussion Sessions 

Our first collaboration champion award winner is Monument Health, an organization that collaborates with other Workday customers and Workday to identify the product improvements they need. Monument Health identifies product innovation opportunities and creates and socializes customer brainstorm sessions focused on sharing best practices and the benefits of implementing a solution. 

When feature releases occur, this group continues to share discoveries in collaboration discussions. This aligns efforts, results in transparency, and builds partnership between customers and Workday resources. Dozens of Workday customers collaborate in these discussions focused on finance, HR, payroll, and supply chain management. During discussions Workday representatives capture customer input and provide real-time solutions.

Creating Partnership Through Massive Innovation Transformation 

Our second collaboration champion award winner is Spectrum Health. The Spectrum Health team actively participates as a design partner and an early adopter of innovative Workday solutions. Examples of their collaboration include participation in an early adopter program for an inbound electronic data interchange work area, in feedback and planning sessions with development partners, business partners, and in joint feedback sessions with Workday product teams.  

In addition, Spectrum Health has been active in a Workday customer supply chain management group where they collaborate with other Workday customers to brainstorm innovation improvements and problem-solve any challenges. They’ve developed ideas to support a long-term vision for requisitioning that will improve user experience, make it easier for users to find the correct products, and reduce costs by directing users to contracted supplies. 

Digital Transformation Award: Acknowledges customers who use Workday to enable new business models, expand service lines, open new markets, change how services are delivered to end users, and/or change how the organization collects, processes, and uses data. 

Enabling Improved Business Functionality 

Our first digital transformation award goes to Prisma Health for its virtual deployment of Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management, supply chain management for healthcare, and M&A integration. Benefits to Prisma Health include standardization of key business processes across hospitals, practices, team members, and providers. 

This transformation enables enhanced functionality and implementation of Workday People Analytics, Workday Prism Analytics, and Workday Journeys, among other applications. Results include enabling ERP functions across hospitals and physician practices, consolidation of general ledgers, centralization of previously disparate systems, self-service, and mobile design configuration. New management dashboards enable better decision making, deliver on-line availability of real-time data to improve operational efficiency, and integrate data sharing and data visibility between operations and organizational entities. 

Developing a Stronger Foundation for the Workforce of the Future

Our second winner of the digital transformation award is Intermountain Healthcare, which is improving its analytics capability to support workforce planning, diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, and talent acquisition. Benefits include self-service analytics functionality and scalable, customer-centric HR operations functionality.

Due to this transformation, business partners can now access robust data via Workday People Analytics and Discovery Boards. HR employees develop a higher analytics capability via monthly training and open office hours to better support the workforce. Employees and leaders are changing their behaviors; before requesting support on gathering data from the HR analytics team, they use the self-service model. As a result, the analytics team is reducing its backlog of support requests.

Process Innovation Award: Celebrates customers who have shown creativity in using Workday functionality to solve a regulatory, business, or clinical need. 

Optimizing Procure to Pay Processes 

Our first winner of the process innovation award is Roswell Park. Roswell Park uses dashboards in Workday to identify process improvements across supply chain and finance, which has resulted in improved efficiency. This operational transparency reduces touchpoints and anomalies and improves role-based effectiveness.

Each dashboard includes reports, shortcuts, and tasks to support user experience. The team can now automate ordering, reduce supplier match and buyer match exceptions, reduce erroneous purchase order lines, see real-time low inventory reporting, eliminate duplicate purchase items, and improve visibility of aging and duplicate invoices.

Leveraging Custom Learning Campaign Templates

Our second process innovation award winner is Banner Health, which is streamlining processes by leveraging customer learning campaign templates. Benefits include reduction of custom reports needed, efficient use of resources, and workflow autonomy for business partners.

Banner uses the campaign templates to assign training for new hires and existing employees. The system automatically can assign learners coursework based on their specific role and/or geography. Employees see the timeframe they must complete the coursework and are automatically assigned remediation courses, if needed. Because the campaign templates automate assignments, business partners reduce the number of reports and custom audiences needed and have autonomy to launch training according to business needs. 

Trailblazer Award: Honors customers who are early adopters of a new Workday solution or have used a previously released product in a new and exciting way. These customers often participate in design groups and forums to share their lessons learned. 

Using Workday Extend for an Opt-In Bonus Election Program

Our first trailblazer award winner is St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN). Across the healthcare industry, retaining exceptional nurses is critical to providing high-quality patient care. SLUHN has instituted a nursing retention program using a self-service application via Workday Extend. In the application, nurses can privately select a retention bonus option for a one- or two-year commitment to the organization. The solution  automates the bonus payment process, which reduces manual processing for payroll and makes for easier reporting.

The program has received positive feedback from employees and has an election rate of 78%; most nurses make a two-year commitment. Because the application is flexible, it can be used for other bonus programs that require an employee election; SLUHN is now launching similar programs for its respiratory therapists and physician group practice, and a supplemental RN retention program.

Developing a Custom Total Rewards Dashboard

Our second trailblazer award winner is Westmed, a Summit Health Company. Westmed has consolidated key benefits and compensation information into one accessible location for employees to locate essential benefits information. In a competitive talent market, ensuring employees are well informed and engaged in their total rewards is essential in transforming the employee experience and a key component to fostering an employee value proposition.

Westmed has created a custom, one-stop shop dashboard for employee total rewards, so employees have easy access to their benefits information, and visibility into compensation growth and performance opportunities. Especially in healthcare, it is imperative to be able to meet employees where they are. Employees can access this central location anytime, anywhere and it is enabled for mobile. Westmed found that using Workday instead of an intranet has helped drive employees into Workday, resulting in greater overall employee adoption of Workday and an overall more engaged workforce.

Congratulations to all the Healthcare Innovation Award winners!

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