Accelerating Agility: What Professional Services Firms Need to Thrive Now

Disruption is here to stay—9 out of 10 organizations have experienced a disruption other than the pandemic in recent years. In a new report, industry experts from PwC and Workday partnered to explain what this means for the future of the professional services industry.

A group of professional office workers collaborating around a table in a conference room.

The professional services industry has experienced a dynamic environment the past few years. But the pace of change is ratcheting up—requiring leaders to be more agile than ever. 

There are opportunities nestled within this disruption, however, particularly with technology. That’s according to the new joint report from PwC and Workday “Accelerating Agility: What Professional Services Firms Need in Order to Thrive Now—and Navigate What Comes Next.” 

So, how can firms thrive now and in the future? This report highlights three steps to help firms get their strategy right: unifying data, introducing innovation, and empowering talent.

  • Unify the data with an enterprise-wide lens. This creates a single source of real-time, reliable information to bring the firm together.
  • Implement innovation that’s designed to adapt. This should include AI, machine learning (ML), and intelligent automation. 
  • Empower, engage, and enable ever-evolving talent. Help people grow to have the skills, talent, and know-how to get the data and the technology working. 

Technology such as AI and ML can help support more agile business models, automate core processes, and enable faster and more flexible services delivery. 

“Many professional services firms are introducing technology and automation that can fundamentally create a better experience and more efficiency, or drive effectiveness,” says Claudio Valera, PwC principal and global Workday practice leader.

At the same time, clients are experiencing disruption, too. Their needs and expectations are rapidly changing, and they’re looking to firms to help pinpoint opportunities and adapt to new ways of working. 

By investing in their people, technology, and data, firms will be in a much better position to efficiently help their clients innovate and increase their profits.

To better understand the importance of these steps and how to proactively incorporate them into your business, be sure to check out our latest report developed in partnership with PwC “Accelerating Agility: What Professional Services Firms Need in Order to Thrive Now—and Navigate What Comes Next.

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