How We Infuse Security Into Everything We Do

Safeguarding our customers’ data is a top priority at Workday. Stephen Boyle, Workday’s chief trust officer, discusses how we infuse security into everything we do.

Our Chief Trust Officer Stephen Boyle explains that as leaders in the cloud, Workday’s top priority is security. We know safeguarding our customers’ most precious assets—people and financial data—is a tremendous responsibility. That’s why we infuse security into everything we do.

We’ve seen what happens when enterprise software providers don’t start with a security-first mindset with their technology, their culture, and their processes. And those companies will always be playing catchup with their products to keep up with security regulations and gain third-party attestations. For their customers, this translates into a poor ownership experience, and a sometimes frustrating, always changing experience for end users.

Watch the video below to learn how we infuse security into our people, processes, and technology at Workday, and how all of that is validated by third-party assessments.

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