Business leaders across the globe are focused on 2023 and beyond.

For some of you, what’s top of mind is your people and their experiences, and understanding challenges specific to your industry. For others, it’s planning for the future and ensuring the financial health of your companies. And for many, it’s embracing data and the latest innovations and technologies, from a position of strong ethics and trustworthiness.

We’ve captured these focus areas and more in our top 10 Workday Blog articles of 2022—featuring topics that are just as popular among business leaders now as on the day they first published. We’ve sprinkled in some of our favorite Workday customer and community stories, too. 

Here they are, in no particular order. We hope you enjoy reading, and cheers to a Happy New Year!

The Secret to Employee Retention Is Employee Engagement

The terms “employee retention” and “employee engagement” share far more than a first word. In this article, we explore why employee retention is such a top-level concern for companies and how the right engagement strategy can make a massive difference.

Accelerating the Digital Finance Journey: A Four-Step Framework for Value Creation

The enterprise management cloud can help organizations remove friction in their finance processes to achieve greater efficiency and add enterprise value. Barbara Larson, CFO at Workday, explains how we're leveraging this framework.

Formula 1 Puts Pedal to the Metal on Digital Acceleration

Chris Roberts, head of IT infrastructure at Formula 1, shares the drivers for success in the racing organization’s digital journey, and how it has led the pack as an “innovation machine.”

Workday’s Continued Diligence to Ethical AI and ML Trust

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to modernize, so do our ethical principles. Kelly Trindel, head of machine learning (ML) trust at Workday, shares how we’re building trustworthy AI for our customers and their employees.

The People of Workday Rising: A Personal Experience

At Workday we talk about how people are at the center of business. The author’s connections with three people at Workday Rising this year—a customer, a prospect, and a Workmate—are reminders that even as the conference has changed over the years, one truth remains constant: Workday Rising is all about the people and our Workday community.

How Salt Lake City’s Innovation Team Is Building a Better Government

How do you update decades-old technology, policies, and practices to better serve your constituents? We talked with the Innovation Team for Salt Lake City—Utah’s state capital and most populous city—to learn more.

Workday Study: Does Your Approach to Workforce Management Fit the New Frontline Experience?

Workday research, based on a survey of senior executives across multiple industries, shows how leading organizations are breaking the costly cycle of frontline employee turnover. Our study also provides a blueprint for managing the evolving needs of a frontline workforce.

Why Modern Planning Software Is Essential in Times of Uncertainty

For true business agility, companies can no longer rely on spreadsheets, manual processes, and legacy financial planning and analysis (FP&A) technology.

Global Study: Leaders Looking for More Sustainable Pace of Digital Transformation

Workday’s global study of business leaders from the finance, IT, and HR functions, published earlier this year, finds that the pace of transformation is shifting out of high gear.

Latinx and Hispanic People Embody Their Diverse Cultures to Thrive at Workday

As the U.S. celebrated National Hispanic Heritage Month in October, Latinx and Hispanic people at Workday throughout the world reflected on how their cultural backgrounds have played a role in their lives and careers. 

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